Dedicated CCTV services for professional security companies

It's hard being the best security company nowadays. What with all the competition in the industry, security staffing concerns and clients expectations ever growing, we know how hard it can be to have to spread yourselves widely and offer a complete portfolio of services. K9 Protection Ltd is a security support company that provides Mobile CCTVMobile CCTV, Security Control RoomSecurity Control Room and Security Dog services to the professional security industry.

Mobile CCTV Control Room

If you're looking for a way to "have eyes" on a large majority of your festival site, be it search lanes, camp sites, or general concourses, then mobile event CCTVmobile event CCTV could well be the logical choice.

Our mobile camera unit comes with seven built in cameras, ranging in height and zoom lengths that allow it to cover massive areas, see over rooftops and almost around corners. In addition to the in-built cameras, we are able to run both wired and wireless cameras up to 2km away from the unit. Meaning that as long as there's a generator or lighting tower near by, we're able to utilise CCTV. The Mobile CCTV control roomMobile CCTV control room itself is manned by either one or two SIA Licensed CCTV operatives and can be used in both day and night conditions. For larger events, we are able to provide a dedicated control hub from within the same unit; with computerised incident logging and liaison with other agencies.

In addition to the static cameras, our security dog section vehicle is fitted with a forward facing CCTV camera, which not only records locally, but feeds back in real time to the control room, allowing our CCTV operators to monitor, play back and/or command a situation as it develops. It also means that while our security dog section patrol, the security control room staff can be monitoring other things going on both in and around your site.

Temporary Mobile CCTV for the event industry.